Cable Store (M) Sdn Bhd is diversified from her existion company (Perniagaan Electronik Cheong Kong) at 1997. The mother company is registered Electronic, Electrical & Telephone contrator since 1975. With the experience and know-how of the existing company we can assist customers or engineers in cable design or getting the correct type of cable to suit your requirement.
Cable Store (M) Sdn Bhd is one of the largest stockiest in South East Asia region, we carries over 20 millions (Ringgit) of stock in hand in our own store. We also stocked and sell major local manufacturers goods; such as Furukawa Cable, Tenaga Cable, Central Cable, Olympic Cable, Wonderful Cable, Mitti Cables, Utama Cables, Sama Cables, M-Pacific Cables, Gunung Cables, Southern Cables, Universal Cables, Leader Cables, Power Cables, Federal Fujikura Cables, Taisin Cables and Federal Power Cables. For imported cables we have the following Brands :- Alcatel, Templar, Triangle, Kabeltec, Kerpen, Lapp, Helukable, Draka, Bicc, Rados, & Pirelli Cable.